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Commercial financing and hard money loans

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California-based small business financing
SBA Loans

The Small Business Administration (SBA) loan program was created to help small to mid-sized business owners acquire commercial property without financial hassle. While this program is little used and less understood, to qualify, over half (51%) of the property must be occupied by the borrower's business within one year of ownership.

Another option is forming a holding company from two operating companies. This company can then take the title to the commercial property. To qualify for this program, U.S. citizens or permanent residents must hold a majority of the ownership of the operating companies and the holding company.

The 504 Loan does not contain any restrictions or ceilings; however, there are three criteria for eligibility:

  • The company’s average net income cannot surpass $2.5 million
  • The anticipated project size must be greater than the personal, non-retirement, unencumbered liquid assets of the guarantors/principals
  • The net worth of the operating companies must be $7.5 million or less

To learn more about SBA-backed financing and whether you qualify for the 504 Loan, reach out for no-obligation advice and a free quote.

Bridge loans for real estate

Los Angeles Commercial Lending
Conventional Financing

When we work with a borrower to secure conventional financing, we go to traditional lending institutions such as banks, credit unions, hedge funds, or private lending institutions. These kinds of loans are secured by any kind of commercial real estate and come with a wide variety of terms, rates, and conditions.

Oakridge Capital Advisors, Inc works exclusively for the borrower. We perform the intensive work of searching for the best loan products nationwide for our clients. Then, we work side by side to compare financing options to make sure you get a loan that meets your immediate and long-term needs.

Whether you're an experienced commercial borrower or considering conventional financing for the first time, our team offers free, no-obligation advice to help you make the best decision for your business's future and learn more about the industry become a more informed borrower in the future.


Hard Money loans in California
Private Money

A hard money loan is a specific type of asset-based loan financing in which a borrower receives funds secured by the value of a parcel of real estate. These loans are typically issued at much higher interest rates than conventional commercial or residential property loans and are rarely issued by commercial banks or other deposit institutions.

Hard money is similar to a bridge loan with similar lending criteria and costs to the borrower. The primary difference is that a bridge loan often refers to a commercial property or investment property in transition that doesn't qualify for traditional financing. Hard money often refers to not only an asset-based loan with a high interest rate but a distressed financial situation, such as arrears on the existing mortgage, or where bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings are occurring.

Private investors make many hard money mortgages, generally in their local areas. Usually, the borrower's credit score is not important, as the value of the collateral property secures the loan. Typically, the maximum loan to value ratio is 65-70%. If the property is worth $100,000, the lender will advance $65,000-70,000 against it. This low LTV provides added security for the lender in case the borrower does not pay and has to foreclose on the property.


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